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Bed and Breakfast : Aftastrip Mirleft maison d'hôtes
Capacity : 40

Description : Southern Morocco is full of rich and varied potential. Located in a blank area dominated by the magnificent scenery and warm hospitality of the Berbers....

From : 8 €

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Riad : Riad Les Flamants Roses
Capacity : 50

Description : bungalows rooms restaurant. In the middle of the vastness of the sand dune along a 40 km long and 15 km wide. Starting point for crossing the desert....

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Hostel : hôtel Abertih
Capacity : 20

Description : Abertih The hotel is located in the heart of the village close to the souk. Abertih is the name of a village in the mountains 30 minutes on foot or on donkeys to Mirleft. It is a simple hotel, warm and comfortable-style guest house. The terrace overlooks the main street may look like a small Mexican...

From : 24 €

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Paragliding : Nid d'aigle
Description : A massive 280 m altitude overlooking the sea is fed by the thermal breeze or by the weather prevailing wind. Alizé Canaries you will fly in front of the ocean with miles of obstacle-free landing and smooth recovery rechercher...

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4x4 Excursions : Voyage d'aventure
Description : Circuits à la carte in southern Morocco, in the High Atlas and the Atlantic coast. 4x4, trekking, camel trekking, mountain bike, bike, camp ...

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4x4 Excursions : la Perle Traditionnelle du Sud
Description : This organiastion is very professional. It does not travel or camp without the necessary agreements. She obtained the label Zakoura for Sustainable Rural Tourism. It organizes treks or camel trekking or 4x4 excursions in the mountains or the desert. It provides all the bivouacs in adapting to your n...

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Armed with a strong network of tourism professionals, web for ways was a platform for online services bringing together tourism providers of all backgrounds.


From the desert to the Atlantic coast of Morocco, we offer a wide range of online tourism solutions for an authentic stay in Morocco. Sport, nature, games, relaxation and discovery are the key words for your trip to Morocco.

Depending on the location you prefer, choose among our various offers accommodation Morocco and sporting activities to satisfy your desires for more.

Whether simple or sports watcher confirmed, take advantage of our innovative concept to explore with friends, enchanting places in southern Morocco to mark your minds.

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Réserver votre séjour Maroc, Vous découvrirez de magnifiques paysages du Maroc abritant une population à l’hospitalité légendaire. Espaces infinis, oasis verdoyantes, montagnes majestueuses, sable fin... Autant de richesses du sud Maroc qui vous promettent une ambiance propice à l’éclatement en toute sécurité de vos voyages au Maroc.

Pour profiter pleinement de vos sejours et voyage au Maroc, Web 4 ways, centrale de réservation, voyages, séjours au Maroc vous offre des formules originales permettant de réserver en ligne vos hébergement au Maroc alliant confort et simplicité : Appartements, Chambres d'hôtes, Gîtes, auberges, Villa, kasbah, Riad, petits hôtels

Les camps de base mis à votre disposition bénéficient en plus de situations privilégiées. Ce qui vous permet de réserver et de pratiquer vos activités sportives et ludiques au Maroc librement. Randonnée en chameau, trek, Séjour de golf, excurtions 4x4 , vtt, Parapente, quad, 4x4, méharée, chasse sous-marine, pêche, surf, Canyoning , jeux de tirs et bien d’autres activités loisirs qui rythmeront votre séjour au Maroc.Vos vacances au Maroc vous laisseront un souvenir voyage inoubliable.